Hello, this is Doctor T. I hope to be able to help you. In my practice, I work to understand your symptoms and physiology as a representation of your body’s unique needs for optimal health. Then, the ways to affect it. Together, we will develop an action plan that you understand and feel good about. I have 13 years of experience treating patients across various clinical settings, and balancing treatments from both allopathic (western) medicine and alternative medicine fields. I have been privileged to care for and watch many people heal & be healthy in the face of intense health challenges. It is my honor to work with you on your health goals.

-Doctor T

Doctor T, MD

Doctor T, MD is a double board-certified internal medicine and integrative medicine physician who specializes in providing intensive natural treatments for complex or advanced medical conditions. With 13 years of experience practicing in both standard medical (inpatient acute hospital care) and alternative medical settings, Doctor T has found that healing is optimized when the patient’s unique physiology is understood and addressed; and when care is personalized and curated from all available resources with an open & analytical mind. Natural medicine brings us a myriad of options for consideration, but can be challenging to navigate and access when a medical condition is complex or advanced.

In states of advanced or complex illness, natural medicines may need to be used at high doses, in alternative delivery forms, or with close monitoring by a physician. Doctor T has designed her clinic to serve this population. She designs her treatment protocols around therapies that have a long history of use across a wide variety of conditions – indicating that these therapies are working to support our broader innate healing systems, and carry a relatively low risk of harm when carefully monitored and selected for the patient’s physiology. She provides many of the cornerstone therapies directly from the clinic in Marshall, NC.

  • Moderate Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • IV Antioxidants and Nutrients
  • Complementary & Alternative Prescription Medicine
  • Personalized Dietary, Herbal & Supplement Consultation

Advanced natural therapies are generally prescribed for brief periods at intensive doses with close clinical follow-up to track progress. While they can be intensive, these therapies are intended to be restorative and yield sustainable results – they are generally not intended to be long term therapies. Our goal is to get your health optimized by supporting your own intrinsic healing mechanisms in a sustainable, long lasting way.

Doctor T, MD portrait

The Process.




Meet with Doctor T to review your health history in-depth. This is not your usual medical intake — you will focus on identifying clues in your health history that explain your personalized physiology and symptoms.  Initial therapies, testing, and lifestyle changes will be mapped and initiated. 



Planning & Motivating

Your first follow-up with Doctor T you will discuss any testing results, early responses to interventions, and fine-tune your health plan. Doctor T’s philosophy leads her to most often use herbs and foods preferentially over supplements, and may use prescriptions, IV therapies, or hyperbaric oxygen for more advanced or severe conditions.  Adjunctive physical, psychological & spiritual therapies can be helpful for all levels and conditions. 


2nd & 3rd FOLLOW-UP:

Advance & Adjust

Meet regularly with Doctor T to track your progress, modify your care plan, and ultimately transition to a longterm plan that is self-sustainable and rewarding. 



We don’t just give you a plan and run. Every three months we will meet to check in, adjust your plan, and retest your biomarkers to see how you’re progressing. Our support staff will be easily available to you in between appointments to make sure you can easily navigate your care plan and get your questions answered in real-time. 

The Services.


HBOT can be a safe, effective treatment for many types of medical conditions because it activates the body’s natural healing and anti-oxidant mechanisms, even in areas with poor blood flow which can be difficult to affect with other treatment modalities. It is a therapy that yields its restorative properties with chronic & long term use, however many users start to notice improvements in their symptoms after just a few treatments.


Chelation means a medication that acts as a chelator or “claw” to bind and remove substances from the body. Sodium EDTA, a medical chelation compound, was first used to remove heavy metals from the body in the 1950s and doctors noticed incidentally that patients had symptoms of better blood flow to the heart after therapy. It has since been extensively studied and used as an alternative therapy for atherosclerosis.


Inflammation has been a unifying feature of most identified chronic medical conditions. While our systems are equipped with intrinsic anti-oxidant and restorative systems to counter our day-to-day toxin load, these systems can be overwhelmed and depleted with chronic medical conditions or symptoms. By repleting our stores and reinstating our natural anti-oxidant systems, homeostasis can be restored and benefit a variety of conditions.


We understand the importance of addressing your unique physiology and curating a care plan tailored to your specific needs. With a comprehensive health assessment, we gain insight into your biology to create a custom plan that works for you. Our continuous support ensures that we can monitor your progress and make adjustments to your plan as needed.

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Doctor T, MD provides integrative medicine consultations and coaching for complex or advanced conditions. She performs holistic assessments to determine how to best support your physiology with natural medicines – these can range from lifestyle changes, to supplements and herbs, to IV infusions and injectables, and more.


No. While Doctor T can and will prescribe standard western medical therapies when needed, this office is focused on providing high-level natural medicine as an adjunct to the care you already receive from your primary care physician. Doctor T does not provide primary care services such as cancer screening, vaccinations, or urgent care.

Doctor T, MD has received training and certifications in many areas of medicine – including internal medicine, functional medicine, integrative and holistic medicine, hyperbaric medicine, etc. She does not affiliate with one kind of medicine over another – She is a physician who seeks to find the best and most effective medicines available from all sources.
What is the cost structure?


Direct consultation time with Doctor T, MD is $875 for your initial appointment (90-120min) and up to three follow-up appointments (30min) to be used within one year. Additional consultation time with Doctor T is billed hourly at a rate of $225/hr. 

Costs not covered by the consultation fee include:

-In-office treatments (IV infusions, Hyperbaric Oxygen) 

-Outside Laboratory fees (you will pay the laboratory directly, and may use your insurance)

-Herbs, Supplements, or Medications prescribed (office FullScripts account available with 10% off MSRP)

You will be provided with an estimation of the cost of your recommended treatments after your initial consultation. 



You can also book an appointment here when you are ready.

Does Doctor T, MD accept insurance for consultations and follow-up visits?
No. The consultation services provided by Doctor T, MD are well beyond what any healthcare insurance plan covers or reimburses. They are not hurried or limited based on plan reimbursement requirements – they are directed by you, your needs, and your health objectives. Therefore, the time you spend in consultation with Doctor T, MD will be directly billed to you and will not be reimbursable by insurance. You can, however, use qualified HSA/FSA accounts to pay for your visits. We also accept checks, cash, and credit cards.

 Maybe. Many of the tests ordered by Doctor T may be similar to tests ordered by your primary care doctor — in general, these will go through insurance just the same as they would if ordered by your primary care doctor, and you should expect a similar coverage/co-pay structure to what you are accustomed to so long as they are deemed medically necessary.

Other diagnostics that are specific to integrative & functional medicine (eg. Food allergen testing, SIBO testing, urine heavy metal testing) are often partially covered by insurance, or not covered by insurance. In these instances, Doctor T and the laboratory will work with you to assess what the expected cost of these tests will be, so you can be informed about your decision to proceed with specialty testing.


Yes, however due to federal regulations, Medicare/Medicaid patients will need to sign an acknowledgement form that they cannot file any charges paid at this office for reimbursement.