IV Antioxidant & Nutrient Therapy


 Inflammation and high nutrient utilization are unifying features of most identified chronic medical conditions. While our systems are equipped with intrinsic anti-oxidant and restorative systems to counter our day-to-day toxin load, these systems can be overwhelmed and depleted with chronic medical conditions or symptoms. In an ideal state of homeostasis & good health, our daily dietary intake, balanced sleep/wake cycles, and periods of rest and recovery allow our own intrinsic antioxidant systems to detoxify and reset our biology.

However, in many conditions these intrinsic systems are overwhelmed and necessary cofactors are critically depleted. Thus natural healing is impaired. In these instances, it may be beneficial to receive critical nutrients and antioxidants by IV delivery to achieve higher serum concentrations and bioavailability than what can be achieved by oral repletion. 


When does Doctor T, MD prescribe IV Antioxidant & Nutrient Therapy?

Doctor T, MD prescribes IV antioxidant and nutrient therapy for certain advanced conditions – she prescribes only select therapies that meet a high threshold for safety, historical use, and efficacy. Infusions are administered in our office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Treatment protocols vary depending on condition.



Alpha Lipoic Acid


Ascorbic Acid / Vitamin C - high dose


EDTA chelation


Tailored micronutrient infusions - Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids

What conditions are IV Antioxidants & Nutrients used for?

There is a broad range of anti-oxidant and nutrient requirements depending on your condition, the food you eat, your genetic makeup, and your ability to absorb nutrients through the GI tract.

For some conditions, there may be a known therapeutic protocol that has been studied or used historically for your condition (ie. high dose IV vitamin C in cancer care; IV alpha lipoic acid for neuropathy).

In other conditions, we may use blood and urine testing to assess your personalized nutritional and inflammatory profile to determine if/what nutrients your body demonstrates a need for. Your first appointment with Doctor T will include determining your need for nutritional assessment and repletion.


How is IV Antioxidant & Nutrient therapy performed?

The type of treatment, dose, and duration of treatment will be tailored to your condition. Infusion protocols vary in duration (average 1-2 hours per infusion, but high variable), dose, and frequency.

You will relax in a recliner while your treatment is administered through an IV. Your medical team will monitor your treatment and ensure your comfort and safety throughout treatment. Most patients find their session quite relaxing and bring a book or other to occupy their session. You will also have access to a stretching & meditation area, a lymphatic chair massager, an anti-gravity recliner, and an infrared amethyst mat to use during your infusion.